by: Rostami, Mojtaba
Vol. 271 (2021), p. 0, in: Materials chemistry and physics : including materials science communications : an international, interdisciplinary journal on science characterization and processing of advanced materials : the international journal of the Chinese Society for Materials Science
by: Nejati, Majed
Vol. 136 (2022), p. 0, in: Inorganic chemistry communications : an international journal dedicated to rapid publications in inorganic and organometallic chemistry
by: Hafezi, Media
Vol. 322 (2021), p. 0, in: Journal of molecular liquids : an international journal devoted to fundamental aspects of structure, interactions and dynamic processes in simple, molecular and complex liquids
by: Peymani-Motlagh, Seyed Mahdi
Vol. 37, No. 12 (2019), p. 1288-1295, in: Journal of rare earths

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